To Dwell among Things

“... to build is, in itself, to inhabit.”
Martin Heidegger

Out of Habitat

Through image and mass, Jocelyne Alloucherie creates refined and truncated, polished up and rudimentary representations of habitats. If these environments are destabilizing, it is obviously because of their infinitely subtle allusions to particular pieces of furniture or buildings, making their way inside us like doubt. We walk in, stupefied, not knowing how to stand before this furniture. Our presence suddenly feels somewhat strange, even irreverent. We feel awkward standing inside this disturbing dwelling, whose rooms we no longer know how to move in, surrounded by incomplete sections, skeletal or massive corner angles, with odd bulges, thicknesses and volumes. Should we approach them as proto-houses, a sort of infra-degree of the habitat? Or are they post-modern, openwork versions of buildings?

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